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We’ll handle it Backup & Disaster Recovery, On-site & Remote Support, IT Network Support, Online support, Server Installation and Management, IP Surveillance.

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IT Support

You have enough to worry about. We’ll handle it Backup & Disaster Recovery, On-site & Remote Support, IT Network Support, Online support, Server Installation and Management, IP Surveillance.

Data backup and recovery


Quantus Tech Solutions provides fully managed backup solutions that are reliable and secure. Business data is the most crucial asset for an organisation and any loss of such data can cost you money and time. Our data storage and backup solutions ensure that you are prepared in the times of crisis and are able to continue your business no matter what the external conditions are.

Our solutions are affordable, scalable and ready to meet any of the future business data requirements. Our data storage and backup solutions can benefit your business in more than one ways. Some of those benefits are:

  • Ensure proper backups are happening
  • Backed up data is stored on and off site
  • Ensure effective online data protection for remote sites
  • You are better prepared for unforeseen circumstances and disasters
  • Save cost on the lost data
  • Ensure business continuity and reduced downtime
  • Improve productivity of your employees
  • Relieve you of the huge responsibility of IT management
  • Enhance operational efficiencies

For further information please e-mail info@quantusts.com or call our customer service line on 0422 – 4388383

On-site & Remote Support

When you need skilled and experienced IT support, you no longer have to go through the effort of locating and hiring IT staff. You can hire IT support that is much more effective than distracted on-premise staff . Our team focuses all their attention on keeping your IT systems and networks running efficiently, so your team can keep working.

We provide a complete IT solution for your business – no matter what your business size.

Our experienced IT experts provide support for:

  • desktops
  • servers
  • applications
  • devices
  • and any other networked equipment

Whether you need our team on-site or available remotely, we’ll minimise workday disruptions while improving your network’s productivity and server up-time. We pro-actively search out potential problems and when IT problems do occur, we’ll get them solved quickly – no matter when they occur.

  • 7 by 24 remote monitoring
  • 7 by 24 network support

With our friendly and knowledgeable engineers handling the IT infrastructure, you and your team can confidently forget about the IT and move forward with growing your business.


For further information please e-mail info@quantusts.com or call our customer service line on 0422 – 4388383

IT Network Support


Quantus Tech Solutions has extensive experience in specialised IT network support services, especially for small business enterprises. From handling the installation and setting-up of your computer networks to monitoring and maintaining the overall performance, our skilled technicians do it all. We specialise in providing network support and IT support for small business enterprises so that they can make it big.

Our small business network support experts take care of a wide range of services including-

Network Installation

  • new network installation
  • and re-design of existing one
  • set up of the network equipment room and maintenance
  • installation of wired and wireless networks
  • corporate relocation services

Network upgrades

  • subnet analysis and expansion
  • migration from POP3 to centralised e-mail
  • network backbone upgrades and maintenance
  • server room enhancements, upgrades, and maintenance

Network maintenance

  • checking the status of and troubleshooting switches, hubs, routers, servers, and more
  • updating firewall operating systems, security updates, and checking logs
  • checking SPAM and Anti-virus applications and performing updates

We understand that unlike large business organisations, small businesses can face several difficulties in having an in-house IT and network support department. When you outsource your IT support needs to Quantus Tech Solutions, we make all the efforts to provide the most specialised and effective small business network support.

Our extended small business network support services include Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Wireless networks, Hosted networks and desktop support (Microsoft Windows Vista).

We strive to provide IT support for small business enterprises to minimise network downtime so that businesses can focus better on maximising their performance and revenue. When Quantus Tech Solutions’ team works on your IT support needs, no problem, big or small, can deter you from realising your business goals.

For further information please e-mail info@quantusts.com or call our customer service line on 0422 – 4388383

Online support

Our IT consultancy services ensure that you have the support you need available to you by e-mail, phone, instant message, and online chat for any computer, network, external media, or Internet question you may have. Plus, our online support team is often able to review and fix your PC problems over your network connection.

Our Online Support Guarantee:

With our online support services, we guarantee:

  • Helpful and quick solutions for your computer or network problems.
  • Expert and friendly technical support 24/7/365
  • Always available by e-mail, instant message, online chat, and by phone.
  • We can usually fix the problem right now, so there’s no need to leave your office or wait for someone to arrive.

If you have any technical questions and problems, we’ll be here to answer your questions. With online technical support just a quick click or a call away, you know that you have the IT Services you need to keep your business growing with confidence.


For further information please e-mail info@quantusts.com or call our customer service line on 0422 – 4388383

Server Installation and Management


Many businesses simply can’t afford to hire and retain internal networking expertise, and it’s no longer necessary. At Quantus Tech Solutions, we specialise in providing networking specialists who can manage the installation and management of your enterprise server hardware, software, and complete setup and installations when necessary. Plus, when your network installation is finished and everything is running smoothly, we’ll there there to handle upgrades, troubleshoot problems, and identify bottlenecks that are sure to occur after the installation.

Our Network Install Services

Our network install services include the following:

  • Server room set up, including server racks, server installation, and connection
  • Wireless and wired installation and set up
  • Coordination of IT relocation and re-setup in the new location

Our Network Design Services

Our network design services include the following:

  • Current network and bandwidth assessment and redesign
  • Complete infrastructure design for new networks
  • Careful data flow mapping across your business
  • Intelligent security model design
  • Smart integration of legacy systems
  • Segmentation of your network and subnet to maximise processing speeds
  • Disaster recovery planning and implementation
  • and more …

… all while keeping an eye toward your future and planning for the potential network growth you will need some time in the future.

Our Network Upgrade Services

Our network upgrade services include the following:

  • Network backbone upgrades,
  • Subnet analysis and expansion,
  • WAN bandwidth upgrades,
  • ISP change management,
  • Electronic mail migrations,
  • Server room enhancements or relocations,
  • … and more.

For further information please e-mail info@quantusts.com or call our customer service line on 0422 – 4388383

IP Surveillance

Today, more than ever, protection of employees and property is a business priority. Internet Protocol or IP surveillance technology is the new-age tool for businesses to keep an eye on the events happening in and around the organisation and monitoring the movement of goods and people.

Quantus Tech Solutions offers complete IP surveillance solutions that draw on technologies that are meant to simplify business monitoring and maintain complete security. IP surveillance cameras are way ahead of CCTV camera technology, and can send and receive data over your business and home network.

Why you need to install IP surveillance cameras?

IP surveillance solutions are ideal for keeping a check on unauthorised movement in and around your home or business. The superior resolution digital cameras that are part of our IP surveillance solutions provide clear images and wider viewing coverage. This cost-effective security system ensures easy, future-proof integration. Thus, our systems not only help you record unauthorised activities in your facility, but also act as a deterrent to theft and vandalism.

Who needs IP surveillance solutions?

You don’t want to put your home, office or commercial building at risk and for that you need to install technically-advanced IP surveillance cameras from Quantus Tech Solutions. Some of the areas where our IP surveillance solutions might prove beneficial are-

  • Shopping centres- In retail business, monitoring the activities of the shoppers, retail shop employees and outsiders is necessary for many reasons, like preventing inventory shortage and ensuring safety of the facility and employees. By installing IP surveillance cameras, you can prevent theft and in case it occurs, you can have substantial proof to show to the police.
  • Government agencies- Our national safety is taken care at many of the government agencies. Any theft or trespass at such facilities can pose a serious threat to our safety. The presence of surveillance cameras can keep a check on the suspicious movements in and around the facilities.
  • Medical facilities- Ensuring safety of the patients and medical personnel on the campus of hospitals and medical facilities is of utmost importance. With our surveillance systems, you can link all your digital cameras with the IP network technology.
  • Homes- One feels most secure at his/her own house. Yet many unfortunate events take place if one is negligent with their safety even inside their house. Our busy schedules keep us out of our houses for most hours of the day. This is the perfect opportunity for thieves to get a little rich, unless you have Swift Computer’s IP surveillance cameras installed in and around your house.
  • Schools- Another important area to have IP surveillance cameras installed is schools. Most schools are spread out on vast areas and the safety of students can be at risk if proper security measures are not taken.
  • Warehouses- Because not too many people are present at a warehouse, chances of vandalism are high. Moreover, warehouses store valuable goods and raw materials that are key assets for a company. This is why surveillance system must also be installed in and around warehouses.

With IP surveillance solutions from Swift Computer, you can keep an eye on things even when you are not around.


For further information please e-mail info@quantusts.com or call our customer service line on 0422 – 4388383